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New National Dealer Manager Named for Diga-Talk Plus

February 04, 2019

Patricia Ryg was named national dealer manager for Diga-Talk Plus, a nationwide provider of push-to-talk (PTT) over cellular (PoC) service.

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pdvWireless Transfers MOTOTRBO Customers, to A-Beep LLC

January 09, 2019

pdvWireless entered a customer acquisition and resale agreement with A Beep and a customer acquisition, resale and licensing agreement with Goosetown Enterprises, along with a memorandum of understanding with the principals of Goosetown.

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Record Growth for LTE PoC by Diga-Talk+

December 21, 2018

Following a successful product launch in October of 2017, Diga-Talk+ has activated thousands of subscriber units and has developed a solid platform from which to spring future growth and innovation.

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Nursing Homes and Two Way Radios

June 18, 2015

Nursing homes are always struggling to become more efficient, and that can be tricky. One way that efficiency can be improved is through two way radios. Radios help to keep all the staff connected and informed, whether they’re administrators, maintenance personal, physicians, nurses, or assistants. Instant communication helps boost productivity and increases profit margins.

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Firefighter Portable Radio Safety Tips

June 01, 2015

Firefighters need reliable portable radios to keep in contact with each other. It can literally be a matter of life and death! Here are some tips for taking care of your portable radios as a firefighter.

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Cleaning Your Portable Radio

May 24, 2015

As with any electronics, cleaning your portable radio is something that should be done correctly. You don’t want to use the wrong cleaning methods or products and risk damage. Here are some tips.

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The First Walkie Talkie

May 03, 2015

The first true walkie-talkie was built by Don Hings in 1937. It was designed as a portable field radio that was also known as a wireless set or “pack set”. The term "walkie-talkie" (sometimes "talkie-walkie") was coined by journalists reporting on these new inventions during the war.

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Fleet Control through GPS – Improves Efficiency and Makes Good Business Sense

April 23, 2015

Monitoring your fleet with GPS has numerous benefits which can help with not only decision making but also have an effect on your ROI while increasing customers. The considerations below are just a few of the various benefits from the use of GPS trackers for your fleet.

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When and Where to Use Portable Radios

April 06, 2015

Portable radios are still a popular options for communication, even with the advent of the cell phone. It has certain features that just aren’t available easily on a cell phone, such as everyone being able to hear what one person says. It’s ideal for group communication. Here are some of the times and places that benefit from mobile radios.

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4 Ways You Can Improve Your School Security

March 19, 2015

There are plenty of schools today that tend to neglect security when this ought to be one of the greatest focuses. With the various violent incidences happening in schools nowadays, with students sneaking in weapons and outsiders getting in without any problem, parents are very much concerned about the safety of their children within the school premises. It's thereby essential to ensure the continuous improvement of your school security.

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On Mobile Radio

March 05, 2015

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of uses of radio spectrum and technology. Everything from baby monitors and broadcasting to radar and radio beacons are applications of radio. This blog focuses on the first historical uses of radio—mobile radio. But mobile radio isn’t just for safety purposes today. Taxi drivers, tow truck dispatchers, and package delivery services are just a few of the businesses that make innovative use of mobile radio.

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15 Uses For GPS Tracking Devices

March 03, 2015

There are different types of GPS tracking devices which have functions which differ ways. GPS data-loggers receive their location and store it, so over time they will put up a route (if movement has been made) which can often be uploaded and inspected at a later time. Some even store a location of your choice and then display arrows to help you get back to this place easily!

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