When and Where to Use Portable Radios

April 06, 2015

Portable radios are still a popular options for communication, even with the advent of the cell phone. It has certain features that just aren’t available easily on a cell phone, such as everyone being able to hear what one person says. It’s ideal for group communication. Here are some of the times and places that benefit from mobile radios.


Cell phones often don’t have signal out in the woods, but you can still communicate with portable radios! As they’re good for group communication, it’s also much faster to communicate with everyone than it would be to call each of them. Instantly let everybody know that supper is ready, that it’s time to come back to the tents, or to alert them of an interesting animal sighting.


Many of the perks found in camping are similar when hunting. You have better signal, you can talk to everyone at once, and you can alert your partners when you see animal tracks. Radios are excellent for hunting because their signal can follow you deep into the woods if you’re tracking elusive prey.

Restaurants and Hotels

Your staff can communicate much better with mobile radios. It’s easy, and the volume can be set low so it’s not disturbing to patrons.


If you have many employees that need to communicate with each other a lot, especially if they are moving around a lot, portable radios can be a very good option. They’re much cheaper than buying everyone cell phone, and once again instant group communication is very valuable.

Hospitals and other Health Care Centers

What better way for doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff to stay in touch with each other when things get busy? Portable radios are easy to use and can save your staff lots of hassle.


This is a well-known place where portable radios are used, and for good reason! There is no communication option that works better for construction than portable radios. They’re convenient, durable, have good signal, and let everybody communicate at the same time.


Another well-known industry for portable radios, security is a perfect field for portable radios to thrive. Group communication is easy, signal isn’t an issue like it is with cell phones, and these radios are durable. Many years after they were invented, these mobile radios still lead the way when it comes to security communication.