Fleet Control through GPS – Improves Efficiency and Makes Good Business Sense

April 23, 2015

Monitoring your fleet with GPS has numerous benefits which can help with not only decision making but also have an effect on your ROI while increasing customers. The considerations below are just a few of the various benefits from the use of GPS trackers for your fleet.

Efficiency and Environmental Concerns

Route Efficiency: Presenting your drivers with better routing options can save on unnecessary mileage. Using GPS trackers, managers, dispatchers or drivers can generate the shortest route. Dispatchers can also reroute your drivers around traffic jams or other obstacles. This will allow drivers to arrive to their job sites quicker and spend less time on the road, which means less fuel consumed. Less fuel consumed means less carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere.

Curb Speeding: Rapid acceleration and speeding burns fuel faster. Imagine the amount of chemical waste entering the air when your drivers speed and it isn’t great for the sustainability of your company vehicles. How do you stop speeding drivers? GPS trackers, of course. With the GPS tracker technology you can monitor and reduce aggressive driving behavior. GPS trackers send this type of data so that you can review who your best drivers are and which ones might need more instruction.

Just Good Business

Decreasing Insurance Rates: Not only do GPS trackers improve safety, they also decrease the chance of theft. GPS trackers offer business managers the ability to monitor their vehicles and other equipment at all times. Insurance companies love the fact that those with GPS trackers are less of a liability and will often offer discounts on insurance rates. Decreasing your insurance rates would let you put your money to good use someplace else within the business.

Increase the Number of Customers: Businesses that have GPS trackers are able to identify the exact location of their drivers; anywhere, any time. This is great for customer service, because it means that managers will have greater control over where their drivers head to. GPS trackers make this part easy, because without having to call around to every driver, managers will know who is available to take a job. Faster scheduling means faster arrival to a job site. With less wait time, there is a pool of extra time to dip into and serve more customers!

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