A Beep is your one-stop source for Chicago radio rentals, push-to-talk and two-way radio rentals for Illinois, Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana. Our event radio rentals feature our top quality Kenwood handheld radios and the all-digital wide area Diga-Talk system for dependable cost-effective communications. No matter how large your crew is, or how wide the area you need covered, A Beep has the perfect radio rental plan to fit your operating budget. Our rental plans provide you with everything you need to ensure successful communications during your event.  Rentals include the radio, antenna, battery and charger, with radio accessory rentals available upon request. These rental radios deliver crisp, clear transmissions and an ease of use that is perfect for even the least tech-savvy employees, and the Diga-Talk network ensures the operational efficiency you need for all of your field applications. Simply click above to submit a rental request form, or call us directly at 815-740-1780 ext. 206 for expedited service.