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New National Dealer Manager Named for Diga-Talk Plus

February 04, 2019

Patricia Ryg joins the company from Primus Electronics, a wholesale distributor of wireless products, where she was Primus' LMR dealer sales manager. Ryg is a long-time industry veteran with sales experience at Hutton Communications, Tait Communications and Communications Associates. She is a fellow of the Radio Club of America (RCA).

Nationwide PTT provider Diga-Talk Plus began the rollout of its dealer program in the last quarter of 2018. Users benefit from the local relationship, while the local dealer benefits from a turnkey PoC solution that enables the dealer to grow and enhance its current client base, a statement said.

"A truly nationwide PTT service that exhibits the complexities of a traditional LMR system benefits greatly from the hands-on approach that only a local two-way radio dealer can provide," said Frank Anderson of Diga-Talk Plus.

Ryg will set up LMR dealers across the country to sell the Diga-Talk Plus service. Last month, A Beep, the parent company that offers Diga-Talk Plus, acquired pdvWireless’ TeamConnect customers in the Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix metropolitan markets and plans to market the nationwide PTT service in those markets.

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