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Record Growth for LTE PoC by Diga-Talk+

December 21, 2018

JOLIET, Ill., Dec. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Following a successful product launch in October of 2017, Diga-Talk+ has activated thousands of subscriber units and has developed a solid platform from which to spring future growth and innovation. With the release of its revolutionary PoC (Push-To-Talk over Cellular) solution, Diga-Talk+ has quite literally changed the PTT (Push-To-Talk) industry. Switching completely over to LTE this past summer and forging its own path in a new market, Diga-Talk+ leveraged the power and stability of the existing carrier networks to offer an unprecedented level of features, flexibility, and coverage.

Over the past year, businesses across the country have put their trust into the Diga-Talk+ product. With its user friendly design and programming flexibility, it has proven itself time and time again to hold advantages over both traditional LMR radio as well as company cellphones. A lower upfront cost and superior cross platform integration allows users to not only get into the system at a price point that is comfortable for them, but now they can communicate how and when they need to. From traditional looking radios, to PC dispatch software, to smart phone integration, Diga-Talk+ has it all covered at a cost that doesn't break the bank.

Even with Diga-Talk+'s unprecedented success in the past year, the question always remains…what's next? "If you aren't constantly innovating and staying ahead of the competition you might as well close your doors. We see the way the larger manufacturers are positioning PoC and we believe we can do it faster, cheaper, and with a better feature set. We are constantly looking towards the future," states Diga-Talk+ General Manager, Michael Ippolito.

With that spirit of growth in mind, Diga-Talk+ announces the newest member of its growing family. The LTE enabled DTP9650 is the perfect counterpart to its DPT9750 big brother. Featuring a smaller form factor, lighter build, and eye catching design, the DTP9650 is sure to turn heads. With the same core Diga-Talk+ features that include group calls, private call, and GPS, it is a perfect addition to any fleet.

With 2019 on the horizon, plans are already in motion to make it another banner year. Over the next year, Diga-Talk+ will continue to expand its product offerings and will be actively promoting within the PoC space. On the product side, early in the first quarter Diga-Talk+ is poised to shake up the market yet again with the launch of two LTE enabled mobile radios. These will be added to the lineup as the DPT8750 and the DTP8900.  On the promotional side, Diga-Talk+ will be looking for and talking to potential resellers at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas at booth 216.  End users will be interested in the multiple tradeshows we are attending this year - the first being The World of Concrete in January, booth N3079, also in Las Vegas. 

Whether you are across the street or across the country, Diga-Talk+ has you covered. Find out more information about Diga-Talk+ at or call 855-530-2378. Diga-Talk+ is privately held with corporate offices located at 452 North Chicago Street, Joliet, IL 60432.

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