Nursing Homes and Two Way Radios

June 18, 2015

Nursing homes are always struggling to become more efficient, and that can be tricky. One way that efficiency can be improved is through two way radios. Radios help to keep all the staff connected and informed, whether they’re administrators, maintenance personal, physicians, nurses, or assistants. Instant communication helps boost productivity and increases profit margins. But more importantly, it means that injuries and accidents can be met with a swift and professional response by you and your staff. This is absolutely essential when maintaining a save environment at a nursing home.

Long term care companies such assisted living facilities and nursing homes that use two way radios are reporting that the investment into this equipment is well worth it. The improved efficiency and turnaround time more than pays for the cost and upkeep of the radios. Two way radios don’t require much training, they’re very easy to use, and thus they are perfect for companies that may have a high turnover rate.

Since nursing homes are usually pretty small, the shorter range of two way radios isn’t a major problem. Most radios will more than cover the area needed in a nursing home, even in larger nursing homes. Since range is rarely a problem, smaller lightweight radios are very common in long term care companies. Single channel radios are usually enough for small nursing homes, but if you have several groups keeping in contact and it gets confusing, then a multi-channel system would make more sense for your establishment.

Since power and range aren’t significant problems, you can get away with less expensive consumer radios such as business radios, which are designed for everyday use. You don’t need two way radios that are designed to be extremely tough and long range, so you can opt for simpler models.

We carry a wide range of two way radios that are perfect for long term care companies such as nursing homes. Browse through our selection to find a system that’s right for your establishment, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to place an order.