Two-way radios can be a powerful tool to aid restaurants in increasing efficiency, decreasing customer turnover time and providing customers with a pleasant dining experience. Two-way radios allow managers to oversee the entire operation without moving around as much. The same goes for servers, whose have the most contact with customers.

The waiter can make or break a dining experience for your customers, so why wouldn’t you want to do anything in your power to help them? After all, a happy server makes for a happy customer. Utilizing two-way radios can lessen the amount of running around servers have to do, thus making their jobs easier, so they will be in a better mood, as well as having more time to deal with their individual customers. If your servers are too rushed they’ll make mistakes, and not do as good of a job interfacing with their customers. The increased communication and efficiency provided by two way radios can help them to get their jobs done more quickly and in less time, which translates to more money for you!

When properly utilized, two-way radios can make your business more efficient, accomplishing more work in with less man-hours. This translates to more money in your pocket, so why not take advantage of all the potential improvements you can make to your business and get setup with a two-way radio system from us!

In restaurant settings the wattage or range of radios is not typically a huge concern; most any commercial radio will have enough power to cover your entire facility sufficiently. What restaurants typically look for are smaller, lightweight radios that can easily be moved around without encumbering the user.