Kenwood KMC-48GPS Speaker Microphone

$ 265.00 $ 212.00

Part Number KMC-48GPS

Built-in GPS Module with integral Lithium Battery
Event-Controlled GPS Auto-Reporting for FleetSync & NEXEDGE. PTT, Emergency, Status Messaging and Timed Reporting
Manual "Send GPS" Key
Dispatcher-Controlled Auto-Polling and Manual GPS Requests
NMEA 0183 Format, L1 Band, 1Hz Updating Cycle
Positioning Start-Up Times - Cold/Warm/Hot = 40/38/8 seconds at room temperature
Includes Noise-Cancelling Microphone Element
Programmed via radio software
Compatible with Kenwood KAS-10 AVL/Messaging software
With Kenwood 2-Pin connector for non-systems analogue portables TK-2170/3170 and TK-2360/3360. Compatible with Kenwood NX-220E , NX-220E2 &E3, NX-320E,E2& E3, TK-2170E,TK-2170E3, TK-2170M, TK-2312E, TK-2317-M &M2, TK-2317NS, TK-2360E, TK-2360M, TK-2406M, TK-2407M, TK-3170E, E4,E6 &M, TK-3312-E, TK-3317M2, & M4, TK-3360E, 3360M, TK-3406M2, TK-3407M2, TK2400K,TK-3400K

Accessory Features

Current drain Less than 65mA
Earphone Jack Socket Yes, 3.5 mm
Maximum Speaker Input Power 1.6W
Microphone Impedance 2200 Ohms
Microphone Sensitivity -45dB ±5dB @ 300 Hz (0 dB = 1 V/Pa)
Operating Temperature Range -30 °C to + 60 °C
Operating Voltage Range 4 V ~ 10 V DC
Speaker Impedance 16 Ohms ± 15% @ 1.0V 1.2kHz
Speaker Rated Audio Input Power 0.8W
Dimensions W x H x D - 62 x 81 x 36 mm
Weight 230g

NOTE - see your dealer to check compatibility with your radios' serial numbers.