A Beep has been on the cutting edge of wireless telecommunication services for over 2 decades, but our expertise goes well beyond just being Illinois’ largest privately-owned wireless network. We also carry all of the state-of-the-art telecom equipment you need to stay connected with our line of ICOM portable and mobile radios. Our portable radio collection delivers both UHF and VHF portables, and all of the equipment that has made ICOM the industry leader in quality communication products. Our mobile radio section contains all of the vehicle-mounted units your business needs, with all of the features you want, like programmable channel spacing and normal and priority scan functions. We also carry a wide selection of the top ICOM accessories like antennas, batteries & chargers, microphones and more.  Call us during normal business hours at 815-895-5959 and our highly trained service staff will assist you.





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